Hello, I’m Andrea! I am a yoga and group fitness instructor, health and fitness writer, former group fitness supervisor, wife and mom of two busy toddlers (who I can’t help but heavily showcase on my Instagram!). This site is where I share my tips, tools and tricks of the trade for fellow fitness writers and yoga and group fitness instructors to up-level their careers.

I studied journalism at the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication at Washington State University and I completed my college internship at SELF magazine. Although, growing up, I didn’t play sports and I was never athletic (I once even waived gym class in high school to take two math classes in one quarter), I always had an interest in health and fitness. As is the case with most college students, I learned just as much outside of the classroom as I did at a desk. I took my first yoga class in college and I knew, after that one single class, that I would teach one day. I just never knew it would be a major step in building my fitness career!

Fast-forward a few years after graduation and I did start teaching yoga, followed by a variety of other fitness formats. I’ve taught at private health clubs, yoga studios, boutique fitness studios, gyms, apartment complexes, businesses, spas, country club community centers, in the park and even on a paddle board in the lake!

After gaining a lot of experience teaching different classes in many settings, I became group fitness supervisor at one of the largest private health clubs in the country.  When I found out I was pregnant the first time, it was the motivation I needed to finally kick start my writing career that I had been dreaming of since college. I absolutely loved my job as a supervisor but I knew I wouldn’t be able to be away from my new baby full-time. I wanted to find a way I could work more hours from home so I used my fitness experience and my journalism background to finally land assignments with magazines I’ve read for years.

Now, I still teach classes and I write for a variety of sites, blogs and magazines including SHAPE, Fitness Magazine, Women’s Health, SELF, Parents and Reader’s Digest. Find a sample of my clips via the link above and click HERE for my FREE Master Class where I dive into the 8 Steps to Freelance Fitness Writing so you can learn some handy advice on how to land similar assignments for yourself to help diversify your fitness career.

The sweetest fit got it’s name because although I love fitness and to workout, I also think eating delicious food is one of the sweetest joys in life so there’s definitely room for an indulgence here and there – life is too short to skip sweets! I also hope to help you find the sweetest fit when it comes to up-leveling your fitness career!

♥ Andrea

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