How to Write on-Assignment & My Latest Article in American Fitness Magazine

American fitness articleI just got my paper copy of the latest American Fitness Magazine in the mail with my latest article: What is a Nutrition Coach?


As I’ve been trying to do more lately, I’d like to share the backstory to this article. There isn’t an exciting personal angle or anything to this one but it is exciting for one main reason – that it was an assignment! Now that I’ve been writing for years, I have written many pieces on assignment but I’ll never tire of the thrill of being asked to write a piece and getting to skip the entire pitch process. I’ll also never tire of seeing my byline in print. I love web-based writing and I’ve done so more than anything but holding a real magazine with my own article in print is always a great feeling.

How do you get to write ‘on assignment?’ Just keep writing! As you gain more experience and build relationships with editors, the chances of getting assignments goes way up (and your chances of getting assignments after pitching goes way up too!

Happy writing!

♥ Andrea

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