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We’re halfway through 2020! I don’t think anyone predicted exactly what this year would look like back when creating goals for 2020 so a mid-year check-in is needed more than ever! Not only is it great to see where you stand with your goals but perhaps some goals have changed (especially this year). I think we’ve all had a chance to reevaluate what’s important to us this spring. Here’s an update on my original 2020 goals with some notes and changes:

These are a mix of personal and professional and not in any particular order. If you’re on my email list, you’ve already seen many of these but I thought I’d share with a wider audience to help hold myself even more accountable!

  1. Buy a House
    We’ve made major progress on this on so if you’re interested to see how that unfolds, follow me on Instagram where I’m likely to share more!
  2. Take 1 class per week January – March Take two online classes per month July-December
    Although I did not make this a priority early in the year, I have done some exercise literally every single day since at least mid-March so I’m not lacking in the workout department but I do want to support other, local instructors and learn new moves and ideas. Of course, now I don’t feel super comfortable going back to class anytime soon so I’m adjusting this goal and I’d like to take a class from a local instructor online a few times per month for the remainder of the year.
  3. Meditate
    I LOVE meditation, I have written an entire 3-part series on it (click here for: Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) and I usually notice some benefits same-day. So why don’t I do it every day??? Read on for my one new goal at the bottom of this list.
  4. Only eat out once per week (one lunch, one dinner)
    I’d say we’ve pretty much followed this for most of the year so far. During the virus and quarantine. I’ve been trying to visit my favorite local cafe for a curbside pick-up once per week for lunch, coffee or dessert and we’ve been doing take-out once per week for dinner to support a local restaurant.
  5. Potty train one of my children 
    Check! I’m so thankful I’ve met this goal and, oddly enough, I thank the quarantine for making this happen. Our schedule was so busy, I was wondering when this would happen before we were stuck at home.
  6. Run faster
    I’m still working on this one and I think cross-training with my monthly workout plans and running fewer miles is helping! I’d still like to run a 10K at 10:30/mi (so finish in 1:05:15). I am a very slow runner so this would be a huge accomplishment for me!
  7. Make all gluten-free dinners in January Meal Plan, Meal Prep and Replace Packaged Snacks
    Check! I did make all gluten-free dinners in January but on Valentine’s Day, our doctor announced my child is no longer allergic to wheat so I still make some gluten-free dinners but it’s not necessary to always avoid it anymore. On the other hand, I want to get better at meal planning, prepping and once per month, anything we buy boxed, I want to replace with a homemade version.
  8. Finish my kids’ baby books
    I haven’t made a ton of progress here so I need to schedule in little bits of time to make it happen.
  9. Get up-to-date on photo albums
    Same as the above. My new favorite author (Gretchen Rubin) talks about completing family albums by making herself “suffer for 15 minutes” a day to get them done slowly but surely so I might attempt something similar.
  10. Start a yoga teacher training curriculum Explore how to grow in the yoga field
    I cannot believe I’ve been teaching yoga for 10 years this past April! It seems like the natural transition to start teaching other teachers but, even when I wrote this goal, I questioned my interest level. I do want to make use of my experience but I don’t think my heart is in heading up an entire teacher training. I would love to teach smaller workshops or continuing education for other instructors or provide class plans for newer instructors but I’m going to table this goal for now until I have a clearer picture.
  11. Eat more veggies & less sugar
    I did kick off the year with a green smoothie or salad every day and I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten more veggies this year than last but I still have some work to do here and I actually want our entire family to eat more veggies so I think moving will be the perfect opportunity to create this healthy habit and reduce our household sugar intake.
  12. Write more
    Aside from this blog, I have not been writing more but I’d still like to so this goal check-in is a great reminder!
  13. Volunteer more
    I did volunteer a few times (with the kids in tow, no less!) before the virus outbreak and I’ve reached out to see what I can do while socially distancing but I can get a lot more aggressive here and figure out what I can do from home.
  14. Grow my course/offerings
    I still plan to launch a more general freelance course since most of my lessons can apply to much more than just fitness writing but I am also writing an eBook that will be handy for anyone wanting less hand-holding and a lower price point.
  15. Do more date nights
    We did kick off the year with a few date nights…then zero for three months. Actually, today, for the first time since February, my husband and I did go on a (socially distanced from others and totally safe) date!
  16. Get up early!
    I think I’d have an easier time with almost all of the above (especially daily meditation) if I just got up before my kids. I know this but it’s still the thorn in my side and I’m still determined to change it. Wish me luck and send tips my way!

There you have it! If you’re interested in my progress, I plan to do a monthly goals recap for my email list where I’ll share a little monthly review and any hacks I’ve discovered to make any of these goals easier to achieve!

♥ Andrea


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