What Should I Write About?

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Everyone approaches writing from a different angle. Some know exactly what to write about, some think they should write to support other endeavors (which also answers the ‘what to write about’ question) and some just want to write!

The great news is that there are no expert police! You can write about whatever you want but here are some guidelines that should help you get started, land writing assignments and continue to build your portfolio.

Write What you Know (at least to start)

If you don’t have a lot of clips, you might land an assignment with your other relevant experience. I landed a long-term yoga column not because of my writing experience but because of my yoga experience. It’s worth noting I had only been teaching yoga for about 1.5 years at the time!

Branch out to Similar Fields

I started out writing about yoga, branched out to general fitness and then overall health, wellness, beauty and fitness-related parenting. Each topic jump wasn’t too far of a stretch   and I either had real-life professional or personal experience with each.

Depend on Quality Sources

When I first started, I was shocked when I heard back from someone I thought was a big name in their field but most people are excited to get their name in print, be seen as an expert and get a chance to share their advice or opinion. So don’t be scared to reach out an ideal source for an article. Quoting great sources really makes a quality article and helps when it feels like a topic is just out of your expertise.

Stay Interested

No matter how much experience you have, I think it’s a good rule of thumb to write about things that you find interesting or that you want to know more about. It will make both the research and writing process so much more enjoyable!

Happy writing!

♥ Andrea

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