Yoga Class Idea: Take Flight

Copy of Copy of Mindset Round UpWhether you’re reading this while still in quarantine (and still waiting to teach in-person again), teaching online, currently back to teaching in-person or just want some ideas for your at-home practice, here is a yoga class theme idea for one of your next classes:

Take Flight

I had this idea during my own practice this morning. I was practicing a lot of Eagle Pose and Warrior 3 and I thought the theme of flying could make a great class. If I were teaching this class, I would include (but not limit myself to) the following:

Breath work:

Reference the air and introduce the flight theme.

Include in warm-up:

Bird dog (to stretch, lengthen and prepare for the theme of flight)
Boat (to warm up core for standing balance and arm balance)
Scale pose (to prepare for Crow later in practice)
Low Lunge to Half Splits (to prep for Bird of Paradise later on)

During sun salutations:

Reference smoothly and seamlessly ‘flying’ from one pose to another and ‘lifting off’ with inhale while ‘landing’ with exhale.

Standing/balance pose sequence:

Warrior 3 with airplane wing arms
Revolved Half Moon
Half Moon
Warrior 2
Side Angle (2nd round: offer Bird of Paradise)
Reverse Warrior
Standing Splits
(Run through twice on each side from * Note: If you’re teaching all-levels or beginners, breakdown Bird of Paradise before the second round.)

Arm balance:


Seated/cool down:

Offer extra time in the cool down and an opportunity for extra grounding.


Visualize a beautiful blue sky, clear of all clouds, birds, etc. As something appears in that sky, gently clear it away and go back to that beautiful clear, blue sky. Do this over and over with patience and zero expectation for the sky to stay clear for long.

Happy teaching!

♥ Andrea




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