Friday Faves: Running Edition

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I guess running has had a resurgence since the quarantine shut down all gyms and studios so I thought I’d round up some of my current favorites in the running department! Note: this post does include affiliate links but I do use and love each of these items!

RooSport Running Pouch

I bought this on a whim at the expo for my most recent race. Most of my leggings have a pocket that works for my phone but I do have a few pairs that don’t have a pocket so I use this instead. When it’s race day, even if I do have a pocket, I usually have energy gummies, tissue and my keys to carry too so I love this little pouch. It has two zipper pockets and an open compartment that sits inside your waistband so it doesn’t jiggle around at all. Even better, during the Corona virus outbreak, they’ve transitioned their manufacturing facilities so they can make masks!

Asics GT 2000 running shoes


I know one shoe does not fit all but these are my all-time favorite running shoes. I once bought them on a whim (hmm, I’m noticing a trend here, haha) during a Nordstrom sale because I liked the colors and in my next race I cut more than 20 minutes off of my half marathon time!!! I’m sure many factors were involved but I haven’t been able to stray from this brand or model since! Just for reference, I have a wide forefoot, narrow ankle (so there’s great ankle support with this shoe), I strike mid-foot, have a pretty normal arch and I have a pretty neutral gait (if anything, I supinate a little).

Nike Run Club App


I LOVE this app. It’s totally free and you don’t have to wear Nike running shoes (Obviously I don’t since you now know my love for Asics but I did about 10 years ago and the app still has all of my data from way back when I had the little chip in my shoe!). It will track everything you want to know and probably lots of stats that you didn’t even need to know! You can do guided runs or just track any run and you can even run to the sound of Andy’s voice from my #1 all-time favorite app = Headspace!

Nut Pods Creamer


I fell in love with Nut Pods at Christmas time when they had a limited edition Peppermint Mocha flavor. I stocked up after the holidays but I’ve since ran out so my second favorite is chocolate. These include lots of flavor but no dairy or sugar. I notice that when I use my usual dairy creamer with sugar before a run, I get a stomach ache so I’ve been having this creamer with my first cup of coffee in the morning.

A Hat


If you follow me on Instagram or you’ve seen me in a race in the last few years, you’re probably sick of my white hat! 😉 I love it when I can’t quite decide if it’s sunny enough for sunglasses but don’t want to be squinting through a run or when it could start raining or when it’s just a little cold but not cold enough to need ear coverage. I’ve honestly just always used a ‘regular’ hat but since I clearly get my use out of one, I’ve been eyeing some hats that are actually made of athletic, wicking material.

Happy running!

♥ Andrea

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