Friday Faves: Quarantine Edition

CheersToday, I’m sharing some of my favorite things that are keeping me positive and lowering my stress during the quarantine. I will also acknowledge that I am very lucky in many ways and these things may seem totally trivial to someone dealing with a job loss or illness of a loved one. If, however, you are mostly dealing with general stress, isolation and thoughts of the unknown, these things might help you too:

  1. Meditation.

    I use Headspace and love it and I have a 3-part meditation series that starts here. There are so many studies that prove the stress-relief benefits of meditation and I usually notice a difference, that very day, whether I meditate or not.

  2. Exercise.

    If you don’t feel like exercising, you probably need it more than ever. You don’t have to do anything crazy (and I actually recently heard that too much high intensity exercise actually lowers your immune system) but a little bit of exercise, especially outdoors when possible, works magic for your body and mind.

  3. A Gratitude Practice.

    For me, I try to journal one full page of things I’m thankful for right after my meditation. I don’t give myself any rules or restrictions here except that I have to fill a page.
    Some of the items are so simple like my delicious morning coffee while others are much deeper and in more detail. Even on bad days, it’s amazing how many things we each have to be thankful for.

  4. Origins Peace of Mind® (essential oils could work here too)

    I love this lotion and I’ve used it during stressful times ever since my dad was in the hospital years ago and I learned about it in our transplant support group. When I went to purchase, the sales lady told me that many pregnant women purchase the lotion for morning sickness too! I’ve used it on flights and, right now, I use it before bed and to help my senses wake up before I start meditating in the morning.
    I haven’t purchased many essential oils but I think a calming mix could work in a very similar way! (As I’m writing this, they are completely sold out on the Origins site but here’s a link to get notified when they restock at Sephora.)

  5. Sleep.

    Some of us have more free time during the quarantine and some of us have far less (any new homeschool parents out there?) but we all have fewer social obligations so even if you can’t get more sleep, perhaps this is a new opportunity to get more regular, consistent sleep. For me, I’m trying to go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including weekends.
    I also noticed that heavy blankets help me sleep easier right now but if that’s too much warmth, I know they sell weighted blankets and I’ve heard others rave about them for anxiety but I’ve never tried them myself.

There you have it! I hope one or all of these help you too!

♥ Andrea

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