Why Pitch Timing Isn’t Everything

Copy of Copy of Add a headingWhether to do with writing or sales, I’ve heard little tips over the years about how you should time your communication. I’ve heard things like: “Don’t email on Mondays because inboxes are full” or “Don’t email on Fridays because editors are already checked-out for the weekend” or “Don’t bother around the holidays because everyone is busy.”

I say that’s all garbage and here’s why:

  1. Editors can be busy anytime.

    We don’t know each editor’s schedule. They could have more meetings on Tuesdays and dedicate more time to their inbox on Monday for all we know.

  2. Editing isn’t really a 9-5 job.

    I think they advertise it as a 9-5 job and I think editor do the bulk of their work at this time but I tend to write pitches at very off hours and I’ve heard back from editors on a Sunday evening before.

  3. Editors don’t usually respond to the first email.

    You’re most likely going to have to follow up anyway so don’t put much (if any) thought into perfectly timing your first email.

  4. Editors work ahead of schedule.

    Although editorial calendars are often available to writers, an editor might have a hole that needs filled last minute or perhaps they’re working ahead of their calendar for a specific season.

  5. There are too many factors to control.

    Let’s say you have an amazing pitch that would fit perfectly into a website or magazine and they don’t have anything quite like it…but another writer just sent a very similar pitch yesterday.

So, instead of trying to perfectly time your pitches or only sending them at certain times, on certain days and in certain seasons, focus on what you can control and leave the rest up to fate.

Just do your best work, send it in when it’s ready and you might just land some “accidentally perfect” timing! Maybe your editor is on a different time zone than you, just sits down after lunch and you’re the first email in her full inbox. It could happen!

Happy writing!

♥ Andrea

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