Yoga for Beginners Video Series: Part 1

Add a headingI love yoga and I’ve always thought there’s a yoga for everyone but I’ve never thought that more than right now.

If you’re brand new to yoga, this will serve you anytime you find it but if you’re reading this right around when I post, we’re right in the middle of the Corona Virus pandemic. People are more stressed than I’ve witnessed in a long time and anxiety levels are high all around.

I am not a medical or economic expert so I cannot offer advice on the bigger picture right now but I can offer ways to ease the sting of the situation. Although there’s a lot we can’t control right now, we’re all going to fare better if we take care of ourselves, get some exercise and try to lower stress and anxiety levels as much as possible.

I think any form of exercise is beneficial but yoga just seems perfect right now. With pretty much everything being closed and pretty much everyone being quarantined, there’s a theme of slowing down and self-care and yoga fits right in line.

In Part One of my video series, we’re just talking and I am sharing:

  • yoga manners
  • yoga props
  • what to expect when you walk into class
  • styles of yoga
  • what to do about “hard” poses

For part two, we’ll start some actual practice, including some gentle stretches, and I’ll address some common yoga questions!

Enjoy your practice!
❤️ Andrea

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