Writing Resource Round Up

Writing Resource Round UpI think now is a great time to be writing – we’re all online, we’re all at home so websites need content. If you’re a current writer or an aspiring writer, I’ll say it again now is still a great time. I think it’s worth noting that you’re contributing to the economy when you offer a service that others need/want and you get paid for said service so don’t feel greedy or strange about pitching articles right now!

Today, I’m rounding up some of my writing-related posts so you don’t have to hunt and peck all over this site to piece together a plan! After you read through, please send questions my way! And, when it happens, send your published articles my way too because I will be so excited for you!

Posts about Mindset:

Get Your Mind Right to Write

How to Avoid Impostor Syndrome as a Writer

Fitness Writing Myths

Posts about Getting Started:

Where to Start with Fitness Writing

Where to get Writing Ideas

My Article Brainstorm Process

Posts about Pitching/Queries:

5 Pitching Tips for Writers

4 Things NOT to Include in an Article Pitch

Who to Contact with a Fitness Writing Query

I am working on a more mainstream freelance writing course as I gear most of my content toward fitness writers. Having said that, my FREE master class: 8 Steps to Freelance Fitness Writing and my full writing course can be applied to other areas of expertise, outside of fitness. I’ve used the same steps and strategy to write articles about beauty, parenting, health and overall lifestyle.

Last but definitely not least, if you want a comprehensive plan to get published, join my Fit to Freelance writing course.

More about My Master Class vs Full Course HERE.

Happy writing!

♥ Andrea

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