2020 Goals

2020To continue off of last week’s Year in Review, this week, I’m sharing my 2020 goals. I stopped myself at 15 and I’m including a lot of detail here and how I plan to make some of these goals actually happen so that, if any align with your goals, maybe my tips, tricks and ideas will help with yours too!

These are a mix of personal and professional and not in any particular order. If you’re on my email list, you’ve already seen many of these but I thought I’d share with a wider audience to help hold myself even more accountable!

  1. Buy a House
    This is for sure the biggest goal on the list. We are aiming to buy a house this year so if you’re interested to see how that unfolds, follow me on Instagram where I’m likely to share more. Financially wise, we are getting everything lined up so I guess my other steps to make this happen are to keep on top of what’s available and to get super honest with myself about where I would be comfortable. If you don’t live in the greater Seattle area or the only four other cities that are more expensive, you would be shocked at the current market situation. So I’m spending some time deciding if we’d like more house and property vs. location and what features are really needs vs wants.
  2. Take 1 class per week January – March
    I LOVE taking group fitness classes (no surprise there) but as much as I love them, I don’t make it to any if I don’t pick them out ahead of time and put them on my calendar. I think taking classes is essential to teaching quality classes so I want to make this a priority again this year.
  3. Meditate 3 mornings per week in January
    This is another thing I find important but that doesn’t mean it always happens. I’m getting to really appreciate habits and routine more than I ever used to but I’m a work in progress. How I plan to make this happen is to get up before the rest of my family at least three days per week. Because I have the option to sleep in on the days that my husband doesn’t work and because ‘sleeping in’ for my daughter means after 6a, I need to wake up by 5:30 at least three days per week.
  4. Only eat out once per week
    This is to both save money and eat healthier. I tried to say ‘weekends only’ at first but that was way too unrealistic in case events with friends or a super busy weekday pops up so we changed it to once per week and I’d probably even edit that to once per week on average.
  5. Potty train one of my children
    This is just a matter of ripping off the Band-aid. My first child was way too easy so I’m worried that I won’t be as lucky this time but, last time, I did the ‘no bottoms’ for two days method and we were done. Only one accident in a year and day and nighttime all at once. Again, I know I was quite lucky that first time!
  6. Run faster
    I’m going to be super vulnerable here and go public with my actual goal. Any serious runners out there might laugh but my goal is to run a 10K at 10:30/mi. (so finish in 1:05:15). I am a very slow runner (who am I kidding, I am just slow at most things – one reason I love Mister Rogers who makes it seem okay and even ideal to move at a slow pace!) so this would be a huge accomplishment for me! I plan to incorporate intervals back into my running again and cross-train more than I did in 2019.
  7. Make all gluten-free dinners in January
    We have some serious allergies in my house, some food intolerances and some self-imposed food restrictions and I want to be more inclusive, healthier and make my life easier so for all of the dinners I make this month, I am making them with only ingredients that everyone in my family can eat. If you don’t have a lot of allergies, intolerances or restrictions, thank your lucky stars! Now, the only way to make this happen is to avoid some go-to ingredients I would typically buy and plan ahead for meals.
  8. Finish my kids’ baby books
    I’ve been pretty good about keeping journals for my kids and, of course, I have lots of photos. I’ve also started baby books but I want to actually complete them this year. I need to set aside a small amount of time each week to work on this.
  9. Get up-to-date on photo albums
    Similar to the goal above, I want to get pretty books for our memories and not just endless photos to scroll through on my phone. I’m always reminded at our anniversary (which just happened on the 10th!) how nice it is to look through our actual wedding album. Same as above, I just need to set aside a little time each week or month.
  10. Start a yoga teacher training curriculum
    This year, I will have been teaching yoga for 10 years!!! I will have been teaching yoga for a decade. That sounds insane to me and I’ll always feel like a beginner in ways but I’d love to share what I’ve learned with new and/or aspiring teachers. Of course, I do that a bit here on my blog but I love teaching in a variety of capacities so I’d love to expand into the teacher training field. Ideally, I would teach a few sections of a teacher training program and not take on the entire endeavor myself. I plan to use the basic blueprint from Yoga Alliance and build using my experiences.
  11. Eat more veggies
    Vague goals are the worst but I really do just need to eat more veggies. For January, I’m making that much more specific and saying that I need to eat a salad or green smoothie every single day if not both.
  12. Write more
    Again, I am trying to focus on the habit more than the goal so I am going to focus on sending out five queries per week this year. I will say this is not nearly enough if you are just starting out in freelance writing but since I have relationships with some editors and lots of clips and since I am not trying to work anywhere close to full-time at the moment, five is sufficient for me right now.
  13. Volunteer more
    I want to start with once per month which, I agree, is lame but better than last year. I am currently researching volunteer work I can do with my kids so I can make it a fun activity for all of us, a good experience for the kids and so it will actually happen! When I was a teenager, one day, my took my brothers and I to register at our local volunteer center and I fell in love with volunteering. I’m embarrassed that I haven’t done it nearly enough since starting a family.
  14. Grow my course
    In last week’s year in review, I wrote about how one of the things that didn’t go well last year was that I niched down a little too much with my course, Fit to Freelance. I am super proud of how it turned out and it is very true that I’ve written far more about fitness than anything else but, this year, I plan to launch a more general freelance course since most of my lessons can apply to much more than just fitness writing.
  15. Do more date nights
    This is another area that I wasn’t proud of in 2019 or 2018 or 2017. We have totally failed at prioritizing date nights since having kids and I think it’s a big mistake. Before I had kids, I believed that marriage comes first and I still do since I think it’s such an important example to set and you can’t have a happy and functioning home without a happy and functioning marriage but I think to practice what I preach so we are putting at least two date nights per month on the calendar this year.

There you have it! If you’re interested in my progress, I plan to do a monthly goals recap for my email list where I’ll share a little monthly review and any hacks I’ve discovered to make any of these goals easier to achieve!

♥ Andrea


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