Best Books for the Best Year Ever

Books for New Year's ResolutionsSince New Year’s is only in a few days, I thought I would share my favorite books to help create the year of your dreams (which could really also be my list of favorite books for productivity, goal-setting, health and self-improvement!). Please let me know if you give any of these a read – I’d love to hear your takeaways too!

  1. Best for productivity and accomplishing goals: Atomic Habits

    Atomic Habits by James ClearIf you haven’t heard me talk about Atomic Habits yet, you are probably brand new around here. I’ve loved this book so much this year and it’s really helped me appreciate the process of working toward a goal and the small day-to-day actions that result in big results. It’s also changed my view on goal-setting. I love James Clear’s theories and findings so much that I regularly search for any podcast interviews with him while I’m driving or running.

  2. Best for weight loss: The Obesity Code

    The Obesity Code by Jason Fung, MDA friend read this book and after she lost a lot of weight and told me the book, “changed her life,” I had to give it a read. No, I am not obese and, yes, the book is a bit science-heavy at times but it was fascinating and has changed some of my long-time beliefs about eating. If you’re into audible, I highly recommend that version since the author, Jason Fung, MD, has a very entertaining delivery. Even if you aren’t trying to lose a significant amount of weight but just want to eat and feel healthier, I think this one is worth a read!

  3. Best for trying new things and getting out of comfort zone: You are a Badass

    You are a Badass by Jen SinceroThis book is pretty popular for a reason. The author can be a little brash at times so I wasn’t initially attracted to this book but when I heard a very successful blogger I admire got a lot out of this book, I decided to give it a read. Jen Sincero tells such gripping, real-life stories and she is a successful product of her own advice.

  4. Best for parenting and improving relationships: Radical Kindness

    Radical Kindness by Angela C. SantomeroI am a little obsessed with Mister Rogers these days and this book is written by one of his unofficial protégés and the creator of Daniel Tiger, Angela Santomero. Of course she is a great resource for parents but this book is definitely not limited to parents and the endorsements on the back range from Mister Rogers’ wife, Joanne to Ludacris, the rapper. It might sound silly but Mister Rogers probably could have written all four of these books. He was very habitual, maintained a healthy weight and exercised regularly, fought against norms and followed his own path and was radically kind the entire time!

Happy reading!

♥ Andrea

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