Get Your Mind Right to Write

Get Your Mind Right to WriteI talk about this in my course quite a bit but mindset is everything when you’re first starting out as a freelance writer and you need to keep a tough skin to remain in the field. I’ve heard a lot of questions and concerns like:

“Why me?”

“What new information do I have?”

“Am I qualified?”

“Is this editor ignoring me?”

“I have no new/good ideas.”

And the list goes on. If you want to see your byline published, one of the biggest hurdles is to simply decide you will make it happen, no matter what it takes. Sometimes getting that first paid assignment comes with A LOT of work behind the scenes but, after you get published a few times, you will start to gain momentum and it won’t be so hard to land every single assignment.

Tell yourself, “I will get published.” and it will happen if you follow the proper steps. If you want to get even more specific, you might add a specific magazine title into your new mantra. Just know that some magazines only accept freelance work for their print magazine or only for online or not at all for certain topics.

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If you have a concern that I didn’t address or any questions about freelance fitness writer, please reach out!

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