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My latest article is in the November-December issue of the IDEA Fitness Journal! I highly recommend diving into this issue if you have it or grab it online not only because of my article but because it is full of so much other great information too!

My piece is full of tips and techniques to help you build confidence in teaching group fitness or yoga while, at the same time, improve the student experience in your class. In turn, this will lead to more repeat students and, by default, will grow your classes!

Read the article here and keep reading below to learn more about how I came up with this idea.

At the beginning of this year, I was in a yoga class several months ago and the class was either ‘gentle’ or ‘restorative’ or something to that effect so I was planning to relax a bit. The instructor had been teaching the class for a while and I later learned that she had plenty of experience but while I was in the class, I couldn’t concentrate. The instructor kept using very lax language like, “Maybe move your foot…” and “If you can…” and she wouldn’t really follow up with what to do if you couldn’t! At first, I thought she was a new instructor but, either way, I didn’t think she sounded confident and it made me question whether or not I should follow her instructions. This sparked an article idea, right in that class (Another bad sign when I’m coming up with article ideas during yoga!).** I realized when the instructor sounds confident, the class will trust him or her and when the instructor gives clear directions, the class can more easily follow along. Then I started thinking about how all of the above are win-win for both parties involved and when everyone is having a great time, class size is likely to grow.

When I sat down to write my pitch, two does not a great list make so I thought of a few more tips that fit this list and serve both students and the instructor. I gave short blurbs for each and mentioned that I would interview some experienced instructors for the piece. Since I had an existing relationship with my editor at IDEA, I pitched the piece to her and she accepted!

Note: I didn’t write the whole piece for my pitch/query, I made a short list (I would suggest 3-5 item for most list-based pitches) and notice that I didn’t actually know who I was going to interview yet but I knew the title or experience level that I would look for in an expert and I mentioned that instead of mentioning anyone by name. This is because you might not be able to reach your ideal interviewee or they might be busy or on vacation or they might not provide fitting quotes for your piece.

**I also want to note that I don’t have anything against this instructor and I’m guilty of this from time to time too! Since I love yoga and group fitness so much, when I don’t love a class, I tend to analyze why that was the case and I look at it from a logistical perspective instead of jumping to the idea that I just don’t enjoy that particular instructor. Of course that can happen but I think it’s rare when I truly ask myself what I thought of a class.

♥ Andrea

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