Favorite Things & Gift Guide: Writer’s Edition

Favorite Things & Gift Guide_ Writer's Edition

It’s time for part two of Favorite Things and Gift Guide! If you missed it, catch part one, my list of favorite fitness items here. This time, I’ve compiled a list of must-haves for writers so these can work great on your wish list or for any writers in your life. Of course, my list is pretty specific to fitness writing but many of these items can work for writers in other fields too! Click on the title of each item to learn more about it or to purchase. Note: This post does include affiliate links but I would never recommend something I don’t either already use or something I plan to use and comes highly recommended. 

MacBook Air 

This is obviously a high-ticket item but it’s first on my Christmas list this year. If you are just starting out with writing and that’s your only computer need, I actually used my iPad and a $9.99 keyboard from Nordstrom Rack for a long time. Now that I also offer a digital course, I need a place to store family photos and I need a reliable and speedy connection for video and for my blog, it’s time for an upgrade. I love how everything is so easy-to-use, streamlined and seamless on a MacBook and I am so overdue. I still have and love the black MacBook (from I’m not even sure what year) but I have finally come to accept that it is obsolete.

Book: Atomic Habits

If you haven’t yet heard me mention this book, first of all, I’m shocked (cause I talk about it all the time, it seems) and, second, this probably won’t be the last time you see me/hear me mention my #1 non-fiction read of 2019. This book is great for writers because I think a lot of writing is about habits and consistency over simply goals and motivation and this author has the facts and interesting examples to back-up his productivity methods.

Coffee Cards

Maybe common but never overdone if you ask me! If you’re a coffee drinker, deadlines warrant more coffee than usual in my opinion!

Coffee Mugs

Again, lots of computer time and lots of hot coffee (or tea, if that’s your thing!) go hand in hand! Clear mugs are my fave but, if you or your gift recipient love a catchy/cute phrase, go for that instead!

Spiral Journal

I use my spiral journals for class planning, topic ideas for articles and blog posts, magazine editor contact names, grocery lists, memory notes for my kids, to-do lists, you name it! I think a pretty journal makes a great gift for anyone!

Magazine Subscriptions

This might seem old school but if you or someone you know has a goal to write for a magazine, the best thing he or she can do is read that magazine! If a paper copy seems out of date in your opinion, go for the digital version! In fact, some magazines (like Self, where I did my college internship – insert nostalgic tears) are going all digital.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Again, writing means lots of computer time and we’re all on our phones so much these days so this is another gift that’s likely great for anyone on your list! If anyone you know complains of headaches or sleep problems, I’m no doctor but I’m willing to be they are putting in a lot of screen time or too much screen time too close to bedtime. These glasses should help!


To me, this one is very similar to the magazine subscription. For the writer in your life, give them something that facilitates their writing since, as a writer, you/he/she will spend just as much time trying to come up with ideas for articles as you/they do actually writing said articles!! Since I write about fitness and, often, about group fitness, I get so many article ideas from attending classes and, even when I’m not getting article ideas, I still enjoy my yoga or group fitness class! Plus, I’ve heard ClassPass offers gym time and even massages now too!

Happy Shopping!

♥ Andrea

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