Favorite Things & Gift Guide: Fitness Edition

Favorite Things & Gift Guide_ Fitness EditionHere is a list of my favorite fitness items and, as I was creating this list and my list of my favorite writing items, I realized these lists could work as great gift guides as well! Pretty much any of these items could work as a great gift for a fitness instructor or even just a fitness enthusiast! Note: This post does include affiliate links but I would never recommend something I don’t either already use or something I plan to use and comes highly recommended. The only thing on this list I don’t actually have is the gym bag but I’m planning to snag one because I’ve never had a proper gym bag in all of my years of teaching!


There are countless options for leggings these days but I have and love these, especially for the price. The ankle length is great if you’re shorter and I will say my high-end leggings wick sweat a tiny bit better and these can gather fuzzies at the seams so definitely only wash them with other athletic wear (no socks!)!

Gym Bag

Like I said, this is the one thing on this list that I don’t actually own but I plan to get one soon! I love that the shoes have a separate compartment and I always love to stay organized!

Dry Shampoo

I cannot live without this dry shampoo, especially when I have to look presentable after teaching a class or after a sweaty workout – it works for any hair color and the scent is subtle to non-existent. I would say this is one of the best gifts for a mom on your list too!

Hair Ties

If you or the person you’re shopping for has long enough hair to tie up/back, you/they can never have enough hair ties!

Yoga Mat

This is the mat I use at home and the mats in the studio where I teach. It is durable, thick enough but not too heavy and it doesn’t wear out.

Exercise/Pilates Ball

I honestly think this is the best piece of at-home exercise equipment and it travels so easy too. If you or your gift recipient teaches barre or any class with strength it’s great to have one of these to practice class plans at home.

iPhone Connector

Newer iPhones are not compatible with a standard headphone jack anymore. For a while, iPhones came with this cord but now the Apple headphones have the new plug style too. Most gyms and fitness studios still have headphone jack connector cords so it’s a great idea to keep one of these with you if you don’t connect via Bluetooth (I don’t love to rely on Bluetooth anyway).


If you teach in an unusual environment, you might have to not only provide music but a way to play that music too. Even if you have a pretty reliable stereo system for class, super planners might like having a back-up option like this for when the sound system doesn’t cooperate. (I’ve been there and in cycling class, no less!)

Water Bottle

I love this water bottle because the top doesn’t leak and most of the sizes are still slim enough for cup holders. For any moms out there, it fits in my stroller console (unlike many bottles out there) and I have the smaller version of this same bottle for my kids!

Book: Atomic Habits

I think anyone could enjoy this book but most of the fitness instructors I know are often striving to become their best selves so this is a perfect fit for anyone with that job title.

Spiral Journal

I love to plan my class on paper (I actually draw stick figures for most of my class plans) so a spiral journal is a must. I also use these journals to jot down memories for my kids, grocery lists, etc. Read my post about class planning tips and why you should always plan your classes here.

Happy Shopping!

♥ Andrea

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