Article & How to Turn Bad News into a Pitch Article & How to Turn Bad News into a PitchMy newest article up on on!. Recently, I said that I’d like to share more of my published pieces and how the article came to be so, today, on the blog, I’m sharing a little backstory and a great takeaway from this experience.

I was having some pain in the area where my gallbladder was removed and my doctor suggested an ultrasound. I received a letter in the mail stating ‘some fatty liver detected’ and I panicked. My dad has an autoimmune disease (and a few questionable lifestyle habits) that led to two liver transplants and a kidney transplant by the time he was 51 years old. I’ve spent a lot of time in the University of Washington Liver Transplant Support Group and I’ve seen what a bad liver can do to someone. It isn’t pretty.

I scheduled a follow-up appointment and started to do a little bit of my own research. I discovered that lots of otherwise healthy women have fatty liver and because of this and since most of my friends and family seemed shocked when I told them my diagnosis, it sparked an idea for an article.

I pitched the idea to my editor at and I got to work. I contacted several liver specialists and I’m so thankful I was introduced to Dr. Monika Sarkar at UCSF. She was so knowledgeable and, honestly, answered a lot of questions I had myself.

What started out very scary ended up being a great experience because I learned a lot, including what I can do to reduce the fat in my liver and I put this information out for other women to prevent or improve the condition for themselves.

Anytime you run across something in your field (I think fitness and health overlap quite a bit and, as it turns out, exercise plays a big role in fatty liver disease) that makes you say, “What?!” just think how many other would feel the same and love to have more information on the topic!

Read the article HERE.

♥ Andrea

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