QUIZ: Should I teach another class format?


In short, no.

Just kidding! Just like everything, it’s complicated. I can see the benefits of specializing in one format because you can really become an expert in your field. I can also see the benefits of teaching many formats since the variety can help you fill your schedule, avoid burnout and overuse injuries but, if you want to teach a variety of class styles, I do suggest getting really good at one format before you add anything else. I taught yoga (and only yoga) for years before I started to add other class formats and it worked very well for me but every fitness career path looks very different!

If you’ve happened to stumble upon this page before you’ve started teaching, I highly recommend you start with a very solid format. What do I mean by solid? It’s not a dis on any other format but a comprehensive training will better set you up for all future formats. If at all possible, start with yoga (not biased at all, right?), Pilates or Personal Training. I love a one-day training and I’ve done many but I did them all after I was very confident around movement and giving direction first.

If you are just wanting to fill your schedule, first aim to seek out additional classes in the same format, perhaps at a new studio or gym. After that, seek out class formats that are similar enough that they don’t require additional training. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you are totally qualified to teach a strength-based arms class. If you are a yoga instructor, you are already qualified to teach a stretch class and if you teach Pilates, you can also teach core classes.

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Once you have your score, scroll down to find out what that means…

Thank you for taking the quiz!! Here is my take on your results:

If you scored 50% or lower (or fewer than 5 points): 

Focus on your current format and really hone those skills for at least six more months before you start to teach a new class.

If you scored between 5 to 6 points:

There’s some grey area here. If you are just thinking you should add another format, you might hold off for a little bit. If another format is really peaking your interest, go ahead and take the training you’re looking into and just start with taking lots of classes in the new format for a while.  If you just simply need more classes on your schedule, you might seek out another location to teach before you add a new format.

If you scored 7 or more points on the quiz:

Go for it! You probably have a pretty solid grounding in your current format(s) and you’re ready to advance your fitness career to the next level!

If you are curious about my take on any of the answers, please email me! I would love to chat and explain my teaching philosophies! 🙂

♥ Andrea

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