Who to Contact with a Fitness Writing Query

Who to Contact when you Pitch an Article

You want to give fitness writing a try and you have some great ideas (if you don’t think you have any great ideas, check out my post all about where to get writing ideas here.). Now what? Where do you send these ideas? Who cares about your great ideas?

If you’ve come up with a great query (or pitch), you should send it to the editor of the magazine or site where you’d like to see your work published. Great! That was easy, right? In reality, it’s not so easy. You’ll quickly notice that there are usually several editors at any one given magazine and sometimes, it will seem like you can’t find an editor’s name anywhere.

Here are a few tips to direct you on the right path:

  1. Even if you desire to write on the web, pick up a paper copy of your favorite magazine and you’ll find a list of editors in the first few pages (it’s called the Masthead).
  2. Look for editors with the following terms and titles:
    – fitness
    – health
    – wellness
    – digital
    – web
    – online
  3. Look as hard as you can for an actual name as ‘Dear Editor’ pitches are rarely read or accepted.

Happy writing!

♥ Andrea

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