How to Keep Your Students in Class – My First IDEA Article!


If you’ve ever experienced the dreaded student walk-out at the end of class (and what instructor hasn’t?!), I have an article for you! As fitness instructors, of course we don’t want our students to leave early for several reasons but what’s most important is the quality of their workout and experience in class so it’s very valuable to figure out how to keep them committed until the end. I write much more about this in my first ever appearance in the IDEA Fitness Journal this month! If you are an IDEA member, Click here to read the article. If not, zoom in on the pictures below to read. I am very excited about this byline and if you know what it is, then you know why this is such a meaningful moment but, if you don’t, here’s why I’m so proud. IDEA Fitness Journal is the industry magazine for fitness professionals so I am completely honored and humbled to have my work published among people I consider mentors! It’s one thing to write about fitness for the general public but it’s another thing, entirely, to offer my advice to other industry professionals.

When I write for the mass public, I share my articles with you to inspire you with ideas of what to write or to help spark your interest in fitness writing but, this time, I am excited that this topic is actually geared toward group fitness instructors so, even if you have no interest in fitness writing yourself, you can still get some benefit from this piece!

Happy Reading!

♥ Andrea

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