New Year, New Focus


Happy New Year! I am starting off 2019 with a fresh focus for the blog and concentrating on what I know best – Yoga and Group Fitness. In the past, I dabbled a little in the mommy and lifestyle blogging scene but it just didn’t ring true to me. I honestly do love all of the popular lifestyle topics – parenting, home, beauty, cooking but there’s only one where I can claim to be a professional and that is fitness. So, rather than spreading myself too thin, I’ve decided to dial down and reach out to an audience I know very well and love very much – yoga and group fitness instructors!

Not only do I want more of a focus for the blog and my content but I also really miss my role as a group fitness supervisor and getting to support other instructors and work behind the scenes in group fitness. I loved that job but I gave it up to be home with my two toddlers and when they aren’t keeping me busy, I’m still involved in the fitness industry. I write about health and fitness for magazines and websites, teach and take classes and keep up on the latest industry news.

Now, my goal is to use my diverse teaching experience, published writing knowledge and time as a group fitness supervisor to help up-level the careers of other yoga and group fitness instructors. I hope you’ll find my blog posts helpful in your fitness career path and please send me any questions, anytime at

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Thanks and have a great day!

♥ Andrea

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