Kitchen Yoga: Stretches for Home Cooks

4 shoulder stretch 2

Nothing screams ‘cooking season’ like Thanksgiving. Whether you like to avoid the kitchen for the rest of the year, you’re a seasoned home cook or even a professional chef; almost no one can avoid cooking this week! And, no matter how much time you usually spend in the kitchen, a marathon cooking session can take a toll on your body and your energy level. The posture we use while cooking tends to mirror the same posture we use all too much while driving, on the couch, on the computer or on any other tech device and then add in the fact that you’re on your feet the entire time!

I love to cook but I honestly believe my water broke the first time I was pregnant because I was on my feet, cooking a all day long. It was my first day off of work and I wanted to stay busy so I invited my brother, his wife and my niece over for dinner. I didn’t make anything fancy but everything was very labor intensive with lots of chopping and prep. So, if you’re pregnant, take it easy (easier said than done, I know) and, for everyone else, here are a few stretches that will keep you from feeling stiff and exhausted by the time you sit down and give thanks!


Counter Top Down Dog (Stretches back and hamstrings):

Place fingers on counter top and step away until back is level with the ground. Bend the knees if its more comfortable and if it allows your back to lengthen.

Down dog at counter

Shoulder Opener & Posture Reset:

4 shoulder stretch 1

Fridge (or wall) Shoulder & Chest Stretch:

3 fridge shoulder stretch

Lunge with Toe Stretch:

Step one foot back with toes tucked and press heel back to stretch toes and foot. Take a deeper lunge and bend the front knee for a psoas and front-of-hip stretch. For an extra bonus, keep your toes in the same spot and circle your ankle in both direction to ‘roll out’ the toes.

2 toe stretch


Don’t forget your wrists! Roll them in each direction and take your palm face up and bend your fingers back with your other hand until you feel a stretch.

Happy Cooking and Happy Thanksgiving!

♥ Andrea

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