5 Beauty Hacks for Busy Moms

Living Proof Dry Shampoo

If you are busy mom, a lot of things take a backseat, especially if you’re still in the early months! Before I had kids, I always heard how it was so hard to take a shower or put on makeup, etc. but I couldn’t relate until I had two. I only ever missed one shower between my daughter and my son. Yes, one. single. shower. I know! Now that I have two, I feel like I can’t relate to that life at all! Also, the missed shower didn’t even have anything to do with baby. I was actually back at work part-time and I had my day planned out which included when I would take a group fitness class and when I would shower but I ended up emergency subbing a class and my day’s itinerary was thrown off a bit. I think I realized after I got in bed that I had never actually showered. At that time, I also put on makeup every day and I always had my nails done! As I write this, my last nail appointment was the day I went into labor with my son (just a few hours before!). So, I am always looking for a good shortcut to look more presentable. True, my kids don’t care at all but I feel a lot better about myself when I feel pulled together and I think that confidence always extends far beyond oneself! Here are my tips and please share your yours and your favorite products too! I always love a new shortcut or product!

  1. Fall in love with Dry Shampoo. End of post. I am kind of kidding but this is my number one recommendation because washing your hair less often will save you more time than anything! Back in the day, I used to use baby powder on my hair but in recent years, dry shampoos are everywhere. They are available at every price point and formulation. My favorite is the Living Proof Dry Shampoo but I’ve used powder versions I’ve liked and I’m intrigued by new paste-style dry shampoos. I recommend trying out a few until you find your favorite.
  2. Use a Style Extender. I love Living Proof again here. You use it on wet hair before your other products and it holds your style longer than usual. I think the effects are even better with hairspray but I’ve noticed a difference, even without!
  3. Get a Shower Cap. Find a huge, grandma-style shower cap and wear it during the showers when you don’t wash your hair. Preventing contact between the humidity and your hair will keep the roots drier and hold your style longer.Vinylux Romantique
  4. Discover Long-Wear Nail Polish. I’m former shellac addict. I’m not ashamed of that and, in fact, I wish I still had time to keep it up! Anyway, when I do my nails these days, a quick-dry, long-wear polish is the only way to go. Most brands have a longer-wear version and I think the dry and touch-up time you’ll save is worth the extra few dollars. When I was getting shellac on the regular, my favorite (or, to be honest, the only brand and color I wanted) was CND Shellac in Romantique. The great thing is, the same brand has an at-home long-wear line called Vinylux and they offer many of the same shades as their shellac, including Romantique (thank goodness!)!
  5. Ditch Unnecessary Products. Take a close look at your shower, bathroom and makeup bag and decide what you can go without. Before babies, I used to use a cream/gel eyebrow gel and a brush. After my first, I swapped that out for a brown tube of eyebrow gel with a built-in wand for one less product and a faster application. Perhaps you can just use body wash and ditch shave gel or find a powder-finish foundation that won’t require a separate setting powder.

RomantiqueHave a great day, beautiful!
❤️ Andrea

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