12 Must-Have Items for Travel with Babies and/or Toddlers

We’re still in vacation planning mode around our house so here are some more travel tips or, more specifically, travel must-haves. You’ll notice some repeats from my recent post about my Tips for Packing and Traveling with Babies and/or Toddlers but I thought I’d make an easy round-up of all of the items I recommend!

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  1. Disposable Diaper Changing Pads.These are obviously good for changing diapers but they can also work as placemats or little makeshift play areas or to clean up messes and spills. The first time I ever bought them was for a trip but now, I love to always have them on hand because they take up no space and, if you need to, you can just toss after use. Even if you’re not dealing with a messy diaper situation, sometimes you just want to toss after using a changing pad on a public changing table!
  2. An Octopus Tripod. Honestly, these are great for any family but if you have a baby and/or toddler with you, you also likely have a stroller and a built in spot to mount your tripod anytime, anywhere! I wish I bought this sooner!
  3. Car seat Bag. We’ve used this one for an infant seat and for a convertible seat. I couldn’t imagine flying without one! I pack most of the kids’ stuff (and some of mine!) inside of the same bag!
  4. Gallon Size Ziplock Bags. So handy for organizing outfits, toiletries and keeping small baby and toddler stuff together.
  5. Toddler headphones. A toddler will not keep earbuds in their ears and headphones made for young children have built-in limitations on volume so even if they like to play around with buttons, they won’t be able to blast out their little eardrums.
  6. An easy-fold stroller. Lots of people swear by umbrella strollers but this all depends on your trip. I like to have a more sturdy stroller, no matter what we’re up to and the Baby Jogger City Mini folds up pretty compact yet still offers features common in a full-size stroller.
  7. Wet Ones. My son has an allergy and what I’ve learned is the best prevention of exposure during travel is to board the plane early (when they announce for families is early enough) and wipe down your area especially the tray table. Most allergies are not actually airborne but it’s contact with oils and/or residue from the food that could cause a potential reaction. Of course, I’m not a doctor. This is just what has worked in my experience and what I’ve found through my research and heard from our allergist.
  8. Travel Crib or Pack ‘n Play. If you have a small baby, I highly recommend a travel crib. We even used ours at home during the stage in-between bassinet and crib sleeping and, for a time, it worked perfect as a place to keep baby while I got ready or took a shower. If you have a bigger baby or want something that works longer-term, go for a Pack ‘n Play.
  9. Baby Carrier. I love the Ergo for adventures and a wrap carrier for the airport and flight so I tend to bring both.
  10. OXO Bib. This isn’t the first time I’ve expressed my love for the OXO Bib. When my husband and I got the first one for our daughter, we couldn’t believe we didn’t get it sooner! It’s perfect for every day but rolls up (and cleans up) so easy, we take it with to restaurants, dinners at friends’ or family’s houses and when we travel.
  11. Inglesina Fast Table Chair. This totally depends on your situation but if your baby is pretty highchair dependent, this is very easy to pack and, as it states in the name, very fast to attach to a table or counter. Hotels might be iffy but if you’re staying in an Air B&B style rental, most likely there will be a place to attach and you can bring it to restaurants too! This is also great for germaphobic parents since restaurant high chairs are a bit nasty.
  12. Comfort items. We LOVE Jellycats at our house and my husband might say we have too many but I say never! They are so soft and cuddly and come in so many different animals and different sizes. I once heard you should get a back up of any very beloved stuffed animal, toy, etc. in case anything happens so maybe consider this if you’re planning to take one while traveling.

Happy packing!
❤️ Andrea

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